Hangprinter v3 at Trinamic

Building the Hangprinter

3D printing is great for rapid prototyping. But what do you do if the 3D printer is too small? Well… just get a bigger one of course! And while you’re at it, why not get one big enough to 3D print a Christmas tree? This is exactly what was going on at TRINAMIC Motion Control’s […]

RISC-V the new open source ISA

Joining the RISC-V foundation

RISC-V is a new instruction set architecture (ISA) designed to be scalable for a wide variety of applications. Open-sources and easy to implement, it has been named the ISA for and by the people, free of those pesky licensing fees that can weigh heavy upon BOMs. Every embedded motor control solution contains hardware and software. […]

How to drive a stepper motor via UART with your Arduino Mega using a TMC5072-EVAL

Today we show how to connect TRINAMIC’s TMC5072-EVAL via Single Wire UART to an Arduino Mega for basic operation. The wiring is limited to the basic functionality to communicate via Single Wire UART. Preperation To use the 5V version of the Arduino MEGA you have to resolder Resistor from position R3 to R8. This enables […]

How to drive a stepper motor closed loop with your Arduino Uno using a TMC4361A-EVAL + TMC2130-EVAL

Today we will wire up a TMC4361A-EVAL + TMC2130-EVAL combination to drive a stepper motor closed loop with an Arduino Uno. The encoder used for this test has a resolution of 10.000 cpr respective a resolution of 40.000. Preparation For this tutorial the Eselsbruecke got a soldered connection between +5V_USB (pin 5) to +5V_VM (pin […]