TRINAMIC Open Source

TRINAMIC support for open source yields Arduino-based techno-art installation Hamburg-based software engineer and Android enthusiast Alex Weber has ported Der Kritzler (the Scribbler) to TRINAMIC’s open source Arduino Shield TOS-100.  Der Kritzler is a techno-art installation that draws images on windows or walls using a TMC2660 motion controller, which is the key component of the […]

TRINAMIC Offers World’s Lowest Cost Single-Axis Motion Controller IC

New Device Minimizes Lifetime Cost of Ownership for Cost-Sensitive Designs TRINAMIC Motion Control announced the world’s lowest cost single-axis motion controller IC. The new TMC4210 motion controller performs all real-time position and velocity stepper motor calculations, relieving a host microcontroller from the software design complexity required to implement a motor control system.   TRINAMIC Motion […]

TRINAMIC Expands Stepper Motor Driver Line with New 4A Device

Integrating Pre-Driver and MOSFET Amplifiers, New IC Offers Lowest Power Dissipation for 4A Stepper Motors TRINAMIC Motion Control expanded the company’s existing product line of micro-stepping motor drives with a new IC that supports motor drive currents up to 4A. The new TMC2660 integrates both a pre-driver for real-time calculation of motor coil current values, […]

Getting started with the TOS-100 Arduino Stepper Motor Shield

The TOS-100 is an Arduino compatible Shield capable of driving one stepper motor up to to 1.7A that utilizes the Trinamic Motion Control TMC260 motor driver chip. For added compatibility with other arduino shields, the TOS-100 allows you to choose nearly any pin for any signal. TOS-100 Arduino Stepper Motor Shield is developed by Marcus […]