Getting started with the TOS-100 Arduino Stepper Motor Shield

The TOS-100 is an Arduino compatible Shield capable of driving one stepper motor up to to 1.7A that utilizes the Trinamic Motion Control TMC260 motor driver chip. For added compatibility with other arduino shields, the TOS-100 allows you to choose nearly any pin for any signal. TOS-100 Arduino Stepper Motor Shield is developed by Marcus […]

StepRocker™ stepper motor controller board available now

The first TMCM-1110 stepRocker stepper motor controller boards have been presented at the SPS IPC DRIVES 2011 in Nuremberg. StepRocker is an open source hardware platform with TMC262 stepper motor driver and TMC429 motion controller. Both hardware and firmware are open source. TMCM-1110 stepRocker is meant to be an lowcost and easy entry in stepper motor […]