TRINAMIC presents new Stepper Motor cDriver

New Low-Cost Monolithic IC is First to Use Trinamic Patented Technology for Exceptionally Quiet Operation TRINAMIC announces a new single-axis stepper motor control IC with integrated MOSFET motor drive that delivers the highest voltage and current specs in the company’s integrated stepper control and driver product line. The new TMC5130 delivers 50V / 2A (peak) […]

Sssh! TRINAMIC Stepper Motor Drivers at Work

New Patent Pending stealthChop™ Technology Delivers Exceptionally Quiet Stepper Motor Performance TRINAMIC this month revealed its latest patent-pending technology for stepper motors. Dubbed stealthChop, the new technology integrated in a whole family of stepper motor drivers and cDrivers significantly reduces the noise of conventional stepper motor operation. Motors operating at low speed exhibit a phenomenon […]

TRINAMIC Offers new Programming Solution for TMCM-1043 Stepper Driver Board

Volume Programming Device allows for simple and reliable parameterization of production quantities for TMCM-1043 Stepper Driver Board   To complete the cost-efficient TMCM-1043 stepper driver family, TRINAMIC offers a standalone Programming device. Designed for quick and reliable programming of proven parameter sets on hundreds or thousands of TMCM-1043 stepper motor driver-stages. Trinamic’s TMCM-1043 has become one […]

TRINAMIC Supports Exciting Renewable Energy Project

Autonomous Rim Drive Heliostat AutoR TRINAMIC’s strong support for renewable energy has led to cooperation with the German Aerospace Agency—known by the German language initials DLR—and the University of Hamburg’s Department of Telematics on a unique heliostat design. Trinamic is designing ultra-efficient smart drives and control system for a new type of heliostat, the RIM […]

TRINAMIC Unveils Rapid Development Kit for Stepper Motor Driver

PC-based GUI Control Panel Eases Developement for Robotics, Lab Automation and Other Motion Control Applications In June TRINAMIC, announced immediate availability of the TMCM-1043-KIT development system. Designed for Trinamic’s highly integrated, NEMA 17-compatible TMCM-1043 stepDancer™ stepper motor module, the new development kit offers designers an easy-to-use PC-based GUI that allows one-click modification of motor drive […]

TRINAMIC Unveils Dual-Axis Stepper Motor Controller-Driver System-on-Chip TMC5062

New top-of-the-line motion control IC Integrates many of TRINAMIC’s Patented Technologies In July 2014 Trinamic announced its new flagship stepper motor controller-driver SoC. The new TMC5062 is a dual-axis motor controller and driver that incorporate eight of Trinamic’s patented or patent-pending motion control technologies. This new SoC is the worlds first device to integrate dcStep™, […]