TRINAMIC Module Helps Combat Malaria

Case Study: TMCM-Modules shorten Time to Market Malaria is the world’s most fatal infectious disease. Common throughout tropical areas of Asia, Africa and South America, treatment for malaria is effective if diagnosed early. The standard malaria test requires visual examination of blood samples under a microscope by a trained technician to confirm the existence, quantity […]

TRINAMIC features easiest to use stealthChop™ Driver

TMC2100 – a ‘pre-launch’ success story in 3D printing! Although not yet formally announced, Trinamic’s newest stepper motor drive IC, the TMC2100, is already being warmly embraced by market early adopters. Thanks to TRINAMIC’s “run silent” stealthChop™ feature, plus an incredibly easy-to-configure 7-pin interface, the TMC2100 has found rapid acceptance in the open-source 3-D printer “maker” […]

EEWeb TechLab about TMC5130

Chip Evaluation with TRINAMICs third Generation Development System EEweb Demonstrates TRINAMIC Development System. In a Video EEWeb demonstrates the ease-of-use capability of TRINAMIC’s third-generation development system. Using an eval board for the TMC5130 46V/2.5A motion control IC with integrated MOSFET drivers, the video illustrates how easy it is to modify and monitor key operating parameters […]

Now Available at Watterott: silentStepStick with TMC2100

Make your 3D-Printer silent with silentStepStick and stealthChop SilentStepStick is a stepStick And Polulu compatible small stepper driver board with TMC2100, a great microstep resolution of 256 times and an interpolator so you can use it with standard step pulse engines. It is designed and manufactured by Watterott electronic in Germany and shipped to the whole world. […]

Velocité – TRINAMIC supports great E-Bike project

Trinamic collaborated with materials innovator CarboFibretec to develop a groundbreaking e-Bike design. The Velocite is a lightweight, maglev electric motor assist bicycle that can achieve speeds up to 100 km/h! Using a high-concept carbon frame, the Velocite battery and motor are designed directly into the frame and wheel of the bike, eliminating transmission components and […]