• Janusz Michniowski

    Please contact the distributor in Poland who can answer technical questions.

    Plans to apply a layout: TMC5130
    Whether the TMC5130 can perform programmed ramp way and read limit switches?
    Do I need to connect an additional small controller that will give signals to perform ramp?
    I’ve been designing a device that does not have a controller and I need to perform periodically move and read limit switches.

  • Russ Taber

    Linked here from a tweet.
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  • Corné Bekkers

    Thanks for the interest!

    It might seem a bit confusing indeed, but this is the newsletter sign-up so please do fill in the mandatory fields if you would like to receive the newsletter.

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  • Mike

    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for the article on using the TMC5130 with the IoT. Very interesting article indeed!!

    I’ve purchased the BOB TMC5130, TMC5160 and TMC5161 to evaluate but haven’t had much success, although I did get the 5161 to just work, but I’m not a programmer, so it took some time. Wasn’t able to do much more than get the motor to run.

    I want to run a stepper motor (NEMA 17) from a Raspberry Pi 3B with a TMC that has Stealth Chop & Spread Cycle enabled (for motor smoothness and low noise).

    I need to be able to set (write) the motor activation/deactivation, running and holding currents, ramp & normal velocities, and motor position. I only need to be able to read the motor actual position. I’m using Python as the main program language and need to execute these motor commands and read position data directly from Python.

    Not sure how to set this up in Python, writing and reading the motor control parameters directly. I do have a setup running with another controller/driver (Pololu Tic-500) interfaced with USB, this works very well but it doesn’t have Stealth Chop and Spread Cycle modes, nor can step at 256 increments which would also help with motor/fixture noise and resonances which I’m trying to avoid.

    Any help is greatly appreciated,



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