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  • Nicola Sansotta


    I use my TRINAMIC PD-1161 to carry out cycles of rotations with various positions.

    I succeeded in counting the number of cycle made with SGP (globall parameter), but I would like to recover the value or the variable to use it in another program.
    Is it possible?

  • Lisa Teich

    Hi Nicola,
    thanks for your message.
    For technical support I would like to recommend our ticketsystem to you.
    Please make a short log in and create a ticket. Our R&D will answer usually within 24h.

  • Yakov

    I use the Tmc5130 Driver and i connected encoder to suitable pins of the board.
    How can i make a closed loop with my arduino mega ?
    The datasheet is not clear.
    I will glad for some guidance for initiate the registers of encoder and how to make steps of the motor with encoder steps.
    Best Regards

  • Stefan


    I got an older Trinamic Motion Controller TMCM1360 V1.1!
    The new Software and Firmware work with that??

    best Regards

  • Corné Bekkers


    It would be best to contact our support for this. Please visit and click on the blue message icon at the bottom right corner of any page for this.


  • Lars Jaskulski

    Hi Stefan,
    I moved your request to our help system.
    Best regards,

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