Online Reference Design Cloud with Trinamic Components

From evaluation kits to open-source breakout boards and easy to use building blocks, we always try to help our customers where we can. This also means making documents accessible. Not only datasheets and application notes, but also reference design schematics to give engineers fast design starts.

Miniaturization is one of the megatrends influencing application design, which in turn democratizes technology. Applications that used to be privileged to industries can now be found on people’s desks, either in their office or at home. Wearables people couldn’t even imagine a couple of years ago now fit snug on the body, ranging from medical devices to those for your entertainment.

An important aspect driving the miniaturization are EDA tools, such as Altium, OrCAD, Eagle, Mentor PADS Logic, and Mentor DxDesigner. But what’s maybe even more important are 3D models verified by the manufacturer, ensuring design engineers have the exact dimensions to work with. That’s why Trinamic geared up with the Ultra Librarian Reference Design Cloud to start rolling out such files. Thanks to EMA Design Automation and TRINAMIC Motion Control, engineers will no longer have to design 3D models of Trinamic components. Instead, engineers developing products can easily specify the Trinamic ICs in the design, with access to schematic symbols, PCB footprints, 3D models, and reference design schematics from the cloud. And, if needed, they can even make changes and download a modified schematic in OrCAD.

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