How to use graphs within TMCL-IDE and log data

In the video below, our Field Application Engineer Thomas Ernst explains how you can use graphs for your own evaluations. Trinamics TMCL-IDE is an integrated development environment that allows for easy and in-depth exploration of all Trinamic products supporting the TMCL protocol.

You can try for yourself using a PD1270 PANdrive, a potentiometer, and the following script:

While the current buffer holds the data for the past 30 seconds with a possibly high time resolution, you can also monitor values over longer timespans using TMCL-IDE’s logging feature. This not only allows you to evaluate the product, it also allows for close monitoring of your application’s behavior. All values that you can display in the graphs, can also be requested through the communication interfaces. This means you’ll have full access to all parameters which are ready to be used within your own control software.

You can find more information on the TMCL-IDE over here, including a download.

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