Hangprinter v3 at Trinamic

Building the Hangprinter

TRINAMIC Motion Control - Hangprinter 3D print3D printing is great for rapid prototyping. But what do you do if the 3D printer is too small? Well… just get a bigger one of course! And while you’re at it, why not get one big enough to 3D print a Christmas tree?

This is exactly what was going on at TRINAMIC Motion Control’s headquarter from 11 December till 15 December. Thomas Sanladerer, one of the most prominent YouTubers in the 3D printing community, flew over to Hamburg together with Torbjørn Ludvigsen, creator of the Hangprinter. That’s right, a hanging 3D printer. This Norwegian born Swede was thinking outside the box when swapping the well-known rigid frame of a RepRap for fishing line. As such, you can turn any space into a 3D printer, printing objects nearly as big as the space itself.


While building the 3rd version of the Hangprinter in the lounge of Trinamic’s HQ, Thomas Sanladerer and Torbjørn Ludvigsen discussed all aspects of it while at the same time documenting their work and trying not to get caught in the wires. Behind the scenes, our engineers were answering the questions that popped up in the live stream, opening up to a community that was eager to learn more about Trinamic’s products and technologies.

All in all, it was a great project that resulted in a short series of interesting videos: Building the Hangprinter. Be sure to check out this site as well for some more information.

If you’re all excited about building your own Hangprinter, you can get yourself some SilentStepSticks and find out what else you need in the BOM below.

Part Function Qty needed
12V 7.5A (or 10A) power supply Power supply 1
15-lead (or more) ribbon wire Connection electronics – effector 5m
Arduino Mega 2560 clone Mainboard 1
E3D Titan Aero 1.75mm Extruder 1
E3D Volcano 1.75mm / 12V Hotend 1
E3D Volcano copper nozzle 1.2mm Hotend 1 (optional)
PTFE tube 4x2mm 10cm
RAMPS Mainboard 1
TMC2130 SilentStepStick Stepper motor drivers 5
13mm (1/2″) square wood profile Effector frame 3x40cm, 1x20cm
4×10 ~ 4×20 wood screws Fastener >20
608 bearings Spool bearings 8
623VV bearings Line bearing 12
Fused fishing line (30lb or more) Effector suspension 60m
M3 nuts Fastener 25
M3 washers Fastener 35
M3x10 screws, length 10 mm Fastener 2
M3x25 screws, length 25 mm Fastener 13
M3x5 screws, length 5 mm Fastener 16
M8 nuts Fastener 4
M8 washers Fastener 4
M8x50 (or longer) countersink screws Fastener 4
MDF or plywood sheet Assembly base 47x47cm

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