Trinamic spreadCycle™ & stealthChop™ technology for silent stepper motors explained

In this video Lars explains Trinamics spreadCycle™ & stealthChop™ technologies and shows stepper motors running without noise.


  • Venelin Efremov

    Can you guys make a video or a series of blog posts how to configure the tmc2130/5130 drivers? I’m literally lost in all the parameters that are available. I kind of managed to get a basic understanding of the stealthChop configuration, but the spreadCycle and the constant time off chopper are complete mystery.

    For example how does one decide what percentage of the time to devote to slow decay cycle? It says typical range is 30-70%, but how do I choose?

    Another example from the datasheet there are several suggestions that at “high velocity” we can switch chopper mode or other things, but it is never cleared what is considered “high velocity” is 300 RPM high or not so high?

    It would be very helpful to walk us trough the configuration for the 3 different chopper modes, what parameters matter for each mode, how would you choose them and why.

  • Lars Jaskulski

    Hi Venelin,
    Thanks for your feedback and idea for a new video. We will put it on the list of potential future videos. First you could check out the app notes on the app note page:

    Please note that the default spreadCycle parameters work very well for most stepper motors and an additional tuning is not necessary. The constant time off chopper is rarely used. This is implemented so one could use it but we wouldn’t recommend it in the first place.

    To summarize: spreadCycle defaults work usually very well. To tune it, have a look on the app note AN001-spreadCycle.pdf. stealthChop can be used to operate the motor in silent mode. App note: AN015-stealthChop_Performance.pdf.

    High velocity depends on the motor. Every motor has a different characterization of torque over velocity. If the motor for example can run with 300 rpm without significant torque drop it is not considered as high velocity.

    Let us know if you need further support. For this, please use our support system on our webpage. You find a blue button on every page on the bottom right.

    Best regards,

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