Great article on microstepping on Hackaday

Moritz Walter posted a great article on the accuracy of microstepping on hackaday. Would have been curious how our TMC2100 on the silentStepStick would perform in comparison.

Read the full article here:

How Accurate Is Microstepping Really?


Stepper motors divide a full rotation into hundreds of discrete steps, which makes them ideal to precisely control movements, be it in cars, robots, 3D printers or CNC machines. Most stepper motors you’ll encounter in DIY projects, 3D printers, and small CNC machines are bi-polar, 2-phase hybrid stepper motors, either with 200 or — in the high-res variant — with 400 steps per revolution. This results in a step angle of 1.8 °, respectively 0.9 °.In a way, steps are the pixels of motion, and oftentimes, the given, physical resolution isn’t enough…


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  • BlackGhost

    Yes it would! It would also be interesting to compare the silentStepStick with stealth chop and cool step 2. Maybe Trinamic could do such test?

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