• elcad

    Cutted the pcb from TMC5130.
    The layout works controlled by pins: DIR, STEP
    I want to control through RS485.
    I do not know how to wrap pins TMS5130 I have set up to communicate with TMC5130.
    Please help and a description of the pins which status L or H for RS485 communication.
    Do TMC5130 have to be programmed to worked on RS485?
    Can I get a diagram of the TMC5130 with connections for RS485 communications?

    Everything good in the new 2017.

  • Lisa Teich

    Thanks for your message.
    For technical support I would like to recommend our Help Center to you.
    Our R&D will answer your request in a short time.
    Thank you.

  • Samy

    Hi everyone,
    I am using TMCM 1110 first time and I want to stop motor at the same position after each complete rotation. Kindly guide me how I can write piece of Assembly code to do this task.
    I am using ROR to move but every time it stops at different position.


  • Lisa Teich

    Hi Samy,
    thanks for using our TMCM 1110.
    For any technical support, please have a look at our webiste and find the life vest symbol on the lower right side of your screen.
    We will get back to you shortly. (Sorry for the delay answering here!)

    Best regards, Lisa

  • Samy

    Hi Lisa, I sent email on 09th Feb 2017 but still I am waiting for reply. I received couple of emails that they would reply me in 24hr but now it is more than 3 weeks time. Kindly help me in this regards. Thanks

  • Lisa Teich

    Hi, I forwarded your request to our Help Center.
    And I see you have already started a conversation there.

  • Samy

    Thanks Lisa, Today, I got reply!!!

  • lee won ktu

    The tmc5130 works well with the tmcl-ide program, but the tmc2660 does not work well with the tmc260x. Why?

  • Lars Jaskulski

    Hi Lee,

    Can you be more specific what exactly is not working for you? For support you can use our support offered on the webpage.

    Best regards,

  • Daniel

    Is there a way (Serialprotocol or DLL or API or whatever) to control the Landungsbruecke connected via USB from other coding languages?

  • Lars Jaskulski

    Hi Daniel,

    You can in general use TMCL to talk to the Landungsbruecke. You find a good documentation in the new nightly build on github of our TMCL IDE:

    You find a folder “Documentation” that includes a chapter of TMCL related information.

    Hope that helps.

    Please use our support system to get further help if needed. The topic is not exactly related to the blog entry.

    Best regards,

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