TMCL: Digital Inputs

TMCL is the simple way to implement your motion control application. With this series of simple coding examples we want to provide you an easy start.

This programs demonstrates how to read out the status of the general purpose inputs. Depending on the status of Port IN_0 is motor 0 turning right (IN_0 = 0) or turning left (IN_0 = 1).

Before use: Restore Factory Defaults

For more details look at TMCL_reference.pdf  at

Basic Commands, this sample can be used with any TMCL module with one or multiple axes tested with TMCM-1140, TMCM-1161, TMCM-6110.


  • Harold van Dijken

    Please I need some more detailed help about the digital input regarding TMCM -1110, Steprocker. Can I configure all first 8 GIO for one steppermotor?
    How can I change an output pin into a input pin?
    Do I need to use pin 1 and 2 gio (GND) for making the pins low? How are the gio pins labeled for the script?

    I want to make the gio’s hi and low with a arduino. Do you know about examples, schema’s, wirings? General experiences about the I/O on the TMCM-1110 board?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Corné Bekkers

    Hi Harold van Dijken,

    SGP 78, 0, 0 will switch PWMU0..2 and PWMD0..2 to inputs.
    SGP 78,0,63 will switch PWMU0..2 and PWMD0..2 to outputs (one bit per pin)

    SIO, 0, 0 will switch off the internal pull-ups (default is on – also one bit per pin).
    With pull-up on you can use any GND on the board or supply GND etc. for pulling down the input (there is no galvanic isolation). I/Os are +5V tolerant. No problem to connect them to the +5V signals of an Arduino board (nevertheless, we currently have no appnote etc. describing this in more detail).

    Switching the pull-ups did not work correctly in last firmware. This has been fixed in the latest one (V1.09), which you can now find on the product page:

    Enjoy the holidays!

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