TMCL: Turn One Motor to an Absolute Position

TMCL is the simple way to implement your motion control application. With this series of simple coding examples we want to provide you an easy start.

This program demonstrates how to perform a complete turn assuming you are using a 200 fullstep (1.8°) motor using the move to position command.

Before use: Restore Factory Defaults

For more details look at TMCL_reference.pdf  at

Basic Commands, this sample can be used with any TMCL module with one or multiple axes tested with TMCM-1140, TMCM-1161, TMCM-6110.


  • T. Braun

    Can i change the speed after the mvp command ?

  • Lars Jaskulski

    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, you are able to change the speed after the MVP command. If the position was not reached the velocity will increase to the new velocity. Are you looking into a particular product?

    Best regards,

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