First print from TRAMS 3D-Printer Shield

For some weeks now we are working on our TRAMS 3D-printer shield – TRAMS is  a derivative of the popolar RAMPS shield for Arduino Mega Boards.

TRAMS is based on 4 TMC5130 cDriver –  a Stepper motor driver with integrated ramp controller, so it offloads the AVR and reduces interrupt load to 10% of the original load.

TMC5130 comes with the same stealthChop™ feature we introduced in out TMC2100 and TMC2130, that is already known from the silentStepStick and makes the fans and mechanics the loudes part at the printer.

The firmware is integrated in the popular Marlin software and controlled by repetier host and will of course be open source as the hardware design will be.


  • marco

    hi if i use 24v for supplying my trams, does voltage correct for arduino mega or are there modify to do on board?

  • Jonas P. Proeger

    The Arduino itself is powered by USB, so no modification is necessary.

  • Natalia

    Hi Fenx, do you mean to say you want to use the Arduino to connect the scoohl network via a wireless connection? What do you mean by connect: what do you want to do?

  • shade

    Wow this is a perfect solution I like the integrated ramp controller.
    Just a question can the 4th axis be used to drive a second extruder or do you see a way to add some by an extension on the Trams?
    Also what about driving a delta 3d printer, which is the built I plan next. Did you try it?

  • shade

    Actually answering my own question… I found it is relatively easy to add extruders using the aux2 as described here:

    Still looking at the video you mention that the motors and silentstep is silent at low speed, I wonder what happens with a delta printer where things are a bit faster.

  • Lisa Teich

    Hi, thank you for the positive feedback.
    We did not try with delta type printers, but it should be possible, as Marlin does support delta printers.
    Should require some modification of the code.

  • Tony S

    Can you tell me what type of cable connector fits the motor headers? I was hoping to use my existing cables, but they don’t fit.

  • Lisa Teich

    The mating connectors for the motors are JST EHR-4. Please note that the pitch is 2.5mm, other connectors with this pitch size might fit as well.

    Furthermore it is possible to change the sockets from the 2.5mm pitch and replace them by 2.54mm connectors/sockets. There you have to desolder the sockets and resolder the 2.54mm connectors.

    I hope that helps.

    Best regards,

  • Alex

    How to use Trams with double motors Z-axis?

  • Lars Jaskulski

    Hi Alex,

    You can either connect two stepper motors in serial or in parallel with one driver axis like the z axis on the TRAMS. You would need to set the motor related parameters correspondingly (current, ..).

    You should probably find some good information in the web on that topic. Hope that helps!

    Best regards,

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