First TRAMS prototype arrived today

Today the first protos of our new TRINAMIC RepRap Arduino Mega Shield (TRAMS) arrived – looking forward to having it operational in a few days.

TRAMS is a derivative of the popular RAMPS board and is build to work with an Arduino Mega Board. We developed a Marlin variant that uses the internal ramp controllers of TMC5130 and thus relieves the MCU from the task of generating the step pulses.

We will solve the “double step” problem all available open source printer solutions have. In addition TMC5130 comes with the absolutely silent stealthChop™ mode and will make the printer as silent as it can be.

Of course the board will be open source hardware and the firmware will be given back to the open source.


  • Suckiden

    any clue about when this shield will be available for public? And when do you plan to open source the schematics?

    Best Regards

  • Jonas P. Proeger


    thank you for your interest in the board.
    We are just doing a minor redesign (changing the heating power switches) and will then put schematics, design data and firmware to the git + to production.

    best regards


  • Suckiden

    perfect, really looking forward getting my hands on this drivers.

  • Jonas P. Proeger

    Just received the first batch. If interested, I can send you a set in the next few days. Could you just write me an email with your full Company and Contact Data for our ERP System?
    btw.: will you be on the 3D print show in Pasadena next week?

  • Dave Robinson

    Excellent Work,

    I have been working with my own TMC-5130 Break Out Boards for some time for the same application. It is great to see such a refined complete solution; and open source to boot. Personally I require a dual extrusion solution so I will have to keep at it but the software implementation has significantly reduced my workload.

  • Jonas P. Proeger

    Hey Dave, great to hear! Will your results be published anywhere? We love seeing great applications making use of our technologies…

  • Mario

    Hi where is possible to order one trams?

  • Ivan Ahepjuk

    Hello guys, I am more than interested in your silent shield. Please, can you send me information where I can buy or order it (or when I can expect it to be orderable)? Thank you very much and keep it going, we really appreciate it,]

  • kri5

    Does the tmc5310 on the board needs heatsink? Looking at picture it seems that tere are not, but is it necessary to dissipate heat?

  • Jonas P. Proeger

    In general it requires no heatsink and is designed to work without. But as the TRAMS design is very compact and there is some power dissipation from the Arduino as well, it might make sense to have a fan or heatsink if you make use of the full current spec.

  • kri5

    I red somewhere that the tmc chips were meant to be disipated the heat from the bottom, but in this board the chips are facing up? Is this true? and if not what should be the form factor of the heatsinks?

  • kri5

    Got one now, but i got trouble getting the endstops working, i wired them as written in the documentation, but the X one stays triggerred even if no sensor connected, and Y and Z stays open even if i trigger them.

    Any ideas?

  • Janusz

    I built my own CD with TMC5130.
    I’m trying to set the configurations to RS485.
    Does anyone have a pin configurations for chip TMC5130?

    SDI_NAI…………… L
    SCK …………… ?
    CSN …………… ?
    ENCB_DCEN…………… L
    ENCA_DCIN…………… L
    ENCN_DCO…………… L
    SPI_MODE……………. H
    STEP …………… ?
    DIR …………… ?
    CLK_IN…………… L
    DRV_ENN……….. L
    SW_SEL……………. H

    “SWP RS485 P”
    “SWN RS485 communication N”

    L = 0V
    H = 5V
    ? = I don’t know

    I try to communicate through another module USB/RS485 with chip TCM5130.
    I ran the program TMCL-IDE
    Whether the chip TCM5130 you need to program the address from 1-255 and how?
    Please help in the configuration of the pins and check how well it set to (L) or 5V (H).

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