TRINAMIC hosts EtherCAT Plug Fest in Hamburg

With a line of Slave Controller ICs TRINAMIC is intensifying its EtherCAT activities.

Trinamic is member of the EtherCAT technology group since 2007 and has developed and marketed a variety of EtherCAT based motor controllers since then.

In 2013 Trinamic signed a license agreement with Beckhoff for EtherCAT slave controller IP, and Trinamic is developing a new series of dedicated slave controller ICs in 2015.

In this context Trinamic is intensifying its EtherCAT activities, hosting the 2015 Spring European EtherCAT Plug Fest taking place April 22-23 in a historical warehouse venue in Hamburg, Germany.

The Plug Fests have established themselves as pragmatic and effective means to achieve interoperable EtherCAT products.

The goal of this developer’s event is to perform interoperability tests where master and slave device suppliers gather to test and improve interoperability, to share implementation tips and tricks, and clarify questions regarding the technology. EtherCAT experts will provide on-site technology support.

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