TRINAMIC features easiest to use stealthChop™ Driver

TMC2100 – a ‘pre-launch’ success story in 3D printing!

Although not yet formally announced, Trinamic’s newest stepper motor drive IC, the TMC2100, is already being warmly embraced by market early adopters. Thanks to TRINAMIC’s “run silent” stealthChop™ feature, plus an incredibly easy-to-configure 7-pin interface, the TMC2100 has found rapid acceptance in the open-source 3-D printer “maker” community.

Low-cost TMC2100 breakout boards—compatible with the popular StepStick and Pololu A4988 motor drives used for 3D printers—have hit the market to much positive acclaim:
  • A popular German Make magazine found that the TMC2100 ”… at standstill and at low velocities, the motor is absolutely silent and generates no sound at ramp up.”
  • Maker blog Hackaday observed that with stealthChop “… at medium or low speeds, the motor will be absolutely silent.”
  • And stepper motor video blogger Thomas Sanladerer YouTubes that the TMC2100 has “… the ability to run a stepper motor at almost zero noise—at that point, the linear bearings and the fans in your printer become the loudest parts.”
Trinamic will formally announce the TMC2100 and TMC2130 still in April, with complete pricing and availability information.

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