Velocité – TRINAMIC supports great E-Bike project

Trinamic collaborated with materials innovator CarboFibretec to develop a groundbreaking e-Bike design. The Velocite is a lightweight, maglev electric motor assist bicycle that can achieve speeds up to 100 km/h! Using a high-concept carbon frame, the Velocite battery and motor are designed directly into the frame and wheel of the bike, eliminating transmission components and producing a sleek, efficient design.

Trinamic contributed the Velocite’s three-phase motor controller, with integrated ANT+ wireless networking and firmware. The ANT+ facilitates a connection between the motor controller and a sensor in the bike’s pedals that enables the motor to automatically increase torque as the rider increases their pedaling intensity—just what a weary biker needs as they approach an upcoming hill. The ANT+ interface also communicates with a companion smartphone app that monitors component performance and communicates with network functions, like GPS and mapping.

The Velocite was recently demonstrated at Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, the world’s largest bike fair.

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