Sssh! TRINAMIC Stepper Motor Drivers at Work

New Patent Pending stealthChop™ Technology Delivers Exceptionally Quiet Stepper Motor Performance

TRINAMIC this month revealed its latest patent-pending technology for stepper motors. Dubbed stealthChop, the new technology integrated in a whole family of stepper motor drivers and cDrivers significantly reduces the noise of conventional stepper motor operation.

Motors operating at low speed exhibit a phenomenon known as magnetostriction, which causes an audible low frequency ‘hum.’ This low-frequency noise is well known as the 50/60Hz hum that emanates from transmission lines and transformers. Trinamic’s stealthChop minimizes magnetostriction by implementing a PWM algorithm that relies predominantly on voltage modulation for motor control at lower speeds. This technology minimizes PWM current fluctuation, which is the primary cause of low-speed hum.

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