TRINAMIC Unveils Dual-Axis Stepper Motor Controller-Driver System-on-Chip TMC5062

New top-of-the-line motion control IC Integrates many of TRINAMIC’s Patented Technologies

In July 2014 Trinamic announced its new flagship stepper motor controller-driver SoC. The new TMC5062 is a dual-axis motor controller and driver that incorporate eight of Trinamic’s patented or patent-pending motion control technologies. This new SoC is the worlds first device to integrate dcStep™, Trinamic’s proprietary technology for automatically adapting motor velocity for sudden increases in load.

Stepper motors solutions are normally designed without costly feedback circuitry, requiring stepper controllers to maintain positional (or step) self-awareness. Without feedback circuits, significant operating margins must be implemented so that motor torque and velocity limits are not exceeded. Trinamic’s dcStep technology allows for momentary increases in torque to compensate for sudden increases in load resistance without losing step count, significantly reducing the safety margin that would otherwise be required by a stepper motor control system.

“Trinamic is focused on continual improvements in stepper motor system design,” explained Trinamic Founder and CEO Michael Randt. “Our new dcStep technology lowers system cost and energy consumption by shrinking excess safety margin, which reduces the motor size required for a specific application. This, in turn, leads to cooler operating temps, more compact board design, and the elimination of fans and heat sinks. A single technology like dcStep accelerates miniaturization, efficiency and ease-of use.“

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  • Erick

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