TRINAMIC Offers new Programming Solution for TMCM-1043 Stepper Driver Board

Volume Programming Device allows for simple and reliable parameterization of production quantities for TMCM-1043 Stepper Driver Board


To complete the cost-efficient TMCM-1043 stepper driver family, TRINAMIC offers a standalone Programming device. Designed for quick and reliable programming of proven parameter sets on hundreds or thousands of TMCM-1043 stepper motor driver-stages.

Trinamic’s TMCM-1043 has become one of the company’s most successful product introductions, enjoying a steady increase in production volume since its launch in DATE. Pre-programmed with common parameters for many typical applications, the TMCM-1043 can also be easily adapted and optimized using Trinamic’s PC-based development software. Targeted at NEMA 17 through NEMA 23 size motors—the most common stepper motor sizes used today—the TMCM-1043 module’s success in penetrating high volume applications led to Trinamic’s development of this standalone programming system for volume production.

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