StepRocker™ stepper motor controller board available now

The first TMCM-1110 stepRocker stepper motor controller boards have been presented at the SPS IPC DRIVES 2011 in Nuremberg.

StepRocker is an open source hardware platform with TMC262 stepper motor driver and TMC429 motion controller.

Both hardware and firmware are open source.

TMCM-1110 stepRocker is meant to be an lowcost and easy entry in stepper motor control with TMCL Motion Control Programming language.


  • Juha Rakolahti

    How i can add encoder?

  • Ruben Cannito

    Hi, I remember from the old times when I started using the Steprocker, that it was posible to start simultaneous movements on the three axis to make some kind of axis interpolation. Seems to be that there is no more a chance to do that.
    Is that true?


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