Myths About Motor Control

Small electrical motors are ubiquitous. The human environment is being automated in an increasingly fast pace, driven by the desire for safety, security and health, fueled by an aging population in the highest developed countries, gadgets that go mainstream, and by new manufacturing trends that characterize the 4th Industrial Revolution. Every day, we see new, […]

Come and get your CAD files here!

Well, not here on our blog, but you can now easily download the CAD files you need for all our active chips. Simply visit the product page, for example the TMC2160 product page or the TMC4671 product page, scroll down till you see the tool for downloading CAD symbols, choose your preferred format and hit […]

Trinamic's TMC5160-Eval with an Aruidno Mega

Explore and tune StallGuard2 with the TMC5160-EVAL + Arduino Mega 2560 in step and direction mode

In this blog article we wire up a Arduino Mega2560 with a TMC5160-EVAL board to run in it STEP/DIR mode, use a timer to generate a fixed frequency for the STEP input. The diagnostic diag0 output pin of the TMC5160 will be used to indicate a defined load condition we want to react on. In […]

Online Reference Design Cloud with Trinamic Components

From evaluation kits to open-source breakout boards and easy to use building blocks, we always try to help our customers where we can. This also means making documents accessible. Not only datasheets and application notes, but also reference design schematics to give engineers fast design starts. Miniaturization is one of the megatrends influencing application design, […]

Taking motion control to the next level with RISC-V

By embedding RISC-V processor cores into our products, we’re pushing motor driver ICs to the next level. It’s a huge step forward, allowing you to create superior products faster than ever before with the new ROCINANTE family. During electronica, Trinamic unveils its new family of motor drives with an embedded RISC-V core, dubbed ‘Rocinante’.  Components […]