TRINAMIC presents EtherCAT® Slave Controller

Hamburg, Germany (2015-Aug-17th )—TRINAMIC, a leading global provider of motion control technologies, today announced a new EtherCAT-compliant slave controller IC. It is the world’s first EtherCAT slave controller to integrate real-time, latency-free I/O peripherals. The new TMC8460 slaver controller is the first device in a new EtherCAT-compliant interface product line currently under development at TRINAMIC, […]

Want to get rid of the Limit Switches? Homing using the Encoder Deviation

Limit switches require a lot of wiring, and are subject to wearout. With sensOstep PANdrives or modules using an external encoder the homing you can implement the homing with the following TMCL routine.

Drive the motor with a low current towards a mechanical reference position. As soon as it contacts the reference position, it is stopped. The encoder deviation […]


TRINAMIC Autonomous Stepper Motor Driver IC Streamlines Ease-of-Use

New level of Simplicity – Patented Technology Eliminates Low-speed Noise  The TMC2100 stepper motor driver IC, with integrated MOSFETs to drive RMS motor current to 1.2A, is distinguished by the extreme simplicity of its setup and operation. Configuring just seven pins on the IC enables the parameterization and feature selection for typical motor applications, without any […]


First print from TRAMS 3D-Printer Shield

For some weeks now we are working on our TRAMS 3D-printer shield – TRAMS is  a derivative of the popolar RAMPS shield for Arduino Mega Boards. TRAMS is based on 4 TMC5130 cDriver –  a Stepper motor driver with integrated ramp controller, so it offloads the AVR and reduces interrupt load to 10% of the original load. TMC5130 […]


First TRAMS prototype arrived today

Today the first protos of our new TRINAMIC RepRap Arduino Mega Shield (TRAMS) arrived – looking forward to having it operational in a few days. TRAMS is a derivative of the popular RAMPS board and is build to work with an Arduino Mega Board. We developed a Marlin variant that uses the internal ramp controllers of TMC5130 and thus relieves […]