TRINAMIC announces TMCC160 motionCookie™

TRINAMIC, announces the first product in the company’s motionCookie product line. The TMCC160 combines a motor Gate Driver, Microcontroller (MCU) plus a proven firmware stack in a compact 12 x 17 mm² package that will enable rapid design of servo motor systems. The highly integrated module only requires an external power bridge to implement a complete […]

TMCL: how to implement a for loop

This program demonstrates how to implement a for loop For more details look at TMCL_reference.pdf

Before use: Restore Factory Defaults  

TMCL: Using the stallGuard Interrupt

TMCL is the simple way to implement your motion control application. With this series of simple coding examples we want to provide you an easy start. This program demonstrates the stall detection with stallGuard2™. Motor 0 will run until it is stalled, then MCL program flow will be interrupted and the interrupt handling routine (here: returnToZero) will be called. After […]