Stellenausschreibung Werkstudent(in) technisches Marketing

Wir suchen ab sofort einen Werkstudenten, oder eine Werkstudentin zur Unterstützung im technischen Marketing. Wenn du Student der Fachrichtungen Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen oder BWL bist und Spaß an technischen Themen hast, bewirb dich unter Besonders gut passt du auf unsere Stelle, wenn du Erfahrungen im Marketing hast Elektrotechnisches Grundwissen oder Lust in diesem Bereich dazuzulernen. Fließend Deutsch […]


Great article on microstepping on Hackaday

Moritz Walter posted a great article on the accuracy of microstepping on hackaday. Would have been curious how our TMC2100 on the silentStepStick would perform in comparison. Read the full article here: How Accurate Is Microstepping Really?   Stepper motors divide a full rotation into hundreds of discrete steps, which makes them ideal to precisely control movements, be […]


New Whitepaper: Stepper Motors in New Applications

What comes to your mind, if you think about stepper motors. Vibrations, high pitch noise, or step loss. Read in this whitepaper, published by our distribution partner MEV Elektronik Service, about new technologies to control a stepper motor silent, noiseless and safe. Download the whitepaper written in German on The whitepaper covers: Stepper motors in new applications […]


TRINAMIC announces TMCC160 motionCookie™

TRINAMIC, announces the first product in the company’s motionCookie product line. The TMCC160 combines a motor Gate Driver, Microcontroller (MCU) plus a proven firmware stack in a compact 12 x 17 mm² package that will enable rapid design of servo motor systems. The highly integrated module only requires an external power bridge to implement a complete […]